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What to Wear?

For Family Sessions:

You need not all match. In fact, it looks best when you dress in the same general color "family" (see image). No-one should stand out more than anyone else because of clothing, so no neon colors, no big logos, and no-one in a bright color if everyone else is in muted tones.

Don’t forget your shoes and socks, they will show!

Remember to do a last minute check for anything you might be forgetting that you do not want in your photographs such as a hair rubber band or Fitbit on your wrist!

See some suggestions on my Pinterest board 


For Newborn or Maternity Sessions:

Mom should decide what she feels most comfortable in, and the rest of the family should plan to work around those colors/style. For Maternity, a long flowing dress photographs very beautifully, but if that's not your style, wear what you feel most comfortable in. See above for general guidelines on what works best for photos. Muted colors or neutrals are best for newborn shoots. The baby will mostly be wrapped in a blanket or swaddle, so choose something plain or neutral (or I have some too). If you have any family heirlooms you'd like to be a part of the session, please have them ready (and clean)! If there is an older sibling/s, they should be in muted colors, so that they don't overpower the baby.



For Headshot Sessions:

Wear what you would wear for a job interview in your field. Be careful not to wear any distracting jewelry (overly large or with religious significance).

Be prepared with something to switch up your look, such as a jacket, scarf, tie, etc. This way we can get a variety of looks for you. 

Remember to do a last minute check for anything you might be forgetting that you do not want in your photographs such as a hair rubber band or Fitbit on your wrist!


2. How to get my kids to participate & be in a good mood?

Please plan on feeding your children (of any age!) and yourselves prior to our time together. This will give us the best chance at having a great time, and just allowing the kids to be kids. But please do not bring food or drinks to the shoot- keep them in the car (along with purses, phones, bags, etc.) This will make it easier to be mobile and not get food in the photos! 


I tend to follow the children's lead, so if they are being silly and running off, please don't worry- we will get great shots of them, and they will be happy- naturally happy, not posed! People are always surprised after a shoot by how many great images I can capture when it often seems at the time that the kids are "misbehaving". I have seen it all, and I am not flustered by much!


If our session is in the early evening, please plan a mellow day that day-- don't spend the day hiking a mountain and expect the kids to be in a great mood and full of energy by the end of the day!

If they are young, have them nap if possible before the shoot.


* Please don't instruct your kids to "smile" or try to manipulate the situation in any way- this will backfire, and create the exact opposite effect to what you're hoping for (angry kids with gritted teeth!) Trust me to get genuine smiles and emotions from your kids- that's why you're hiring me :-) The more comfortable everyone is, the better the photos will come out.

* Please NO PHOTOS with your own camera/cell phones. It's very distracting, not just for your kids, but for me as well. Not only will the kids be unsure of where to look, but it's just very distracting and unwittingly insulting- Trust me to capture the best photos, and leave your phones in the car. 

If you have questions or want to send me photos of the outfit/s you plan on wearing, please do so!

I can best be reached at

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