What to Wear?

This page is filled with important tips on what to wear. You can also see visual displays of this on my Pinterest Board (below)

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Clothing Suggestions:

Other odds and ends

- Baby􏰀?  Put a bib on them until 􏰀you arri􏰁ve at the session, or change them into their outfit right w􏰂hen 􏰀you arrive to keep them clean. Outfits are one piece work better than seeing diapers. If the outfit scrunches up, be aware of that, and maybe have them in a onesy and a wrapped in a blanket. 

- Snacks? Don'􏰄t bring mess􏰀y snacks or juice in the car, or any snacks at all out of the car (􏰂water is fine). We don't want kids to get messy before or during the session, and snacks are very distracting. You can however promise snack (and ice cream!) after! 

- Hair? Bring a brush or comb to run through the kids/􏰀our hair right before the shoot.

- Patterns? Please no stripes (thin ones look zig-zaggy and fat ones are distracting).    Small prints are fine.  

- No Black or very dark colors (they wash you out and aren't flattering).